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We are many disciplines with one focus

Design inspired by past, present, and future

Collaboration is at the heart of every great design

Architecture, engineering, and federal support services inspired by past, present, and future

Seven Generations A+E (7GAE) delivers creative solutions inspired by Indigenous traditions, beliefs, and planning. Founded in 2012 and a Tribally-Owned, 8(a), Small Disadvantaged Business, our north star is Seven Generation Sustainability; an ecological concept that compels the current generation to live sustainably and work for the benefit of the seventh generation into the future. 7GAE is part of the Bodwé Professional Services Group of Mno-Bmadsen, the investment enterprise and a wholly owned instrumentality of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. We offer full-service architecture and engineering services nationwide, as well as a variety of contract support services for federal agencies.

Open collaboration, active listening, and consensus-driven conversation are the heart of every great design.

Steve VandenBussche

Vice President of Practice

Building a collaborative, multi-discipline practice with a higher purpose…this is why I am here.

Karl Kowalske


I am honored to be part of serving my profession while also helping to sustain my culture and people.

J. Scott Winchester

Senior Project Manager | Tribal Liaison


Creative problem solving to enrich space and place

We make notable impact on how people live and move in relationship with built and natural environments. The Buildings Services branch of the Bodwé Group partners with Indigenous, federal, and community clients to deliver full-service AE solutions and projects from planning and development through construction administration and occupancy.


Mitigating the built and natural environment

Mitigating the built and natural environments
As part of Bodwé Group, we also offer civil engineering, planning, and environmental resources consulting for our municipal, federal, transportation, and Indigenous clients. We work as multi-disciplinary teams across the Bodwé family of companies, with WBK Engineering leading our Infrastructure Services work.


Facilities, technology, and program management

Facilities, technology, and program management
Born from our A-E services, 7GAE has provided contract support services to federal agencies for 10+ years for design and facilities projects. Today, this is a significant and expanding focus for Bodwé Group, helping to fuel our mission to grow the economy and legacy of the Pokagon Band while helping the U.S. federal agencies deliver on theirs.


Our teams focus on select markets and project types


We were founded along with Mno-Bmadsen in 2012 by the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi diversify the Band’s financial interests and advance Tribal sovereignty. Today, Seven Generations A+E is as dedicated to Indigenous relationships as on day one, and this commitment now holds true with Indigenous clients and partners and friends from coast to coast.


Focusing on clients that offer us preference as a result of our tribal ownership by the Pokagon Band has been imperative since our founding. This has resulted in successful past performance on hundreds of projects for many federal departments and agencies, as well as a Bodwé federal support services business that significantly grows year after year.

Bridges & Structures

Working with Bodwé transportation and water resource engineers, our structural team embraces their responsibility for human safety and for the protection of natural ecosystems. We understand the dynamics between built structures and potential impacts to people and planet. We design efficient, effective, and durable solutions that fit the context of the community and environment.

Water & Dams

With recognized industry expertise in stormwater and flooding as well as natural riverine and manmade conveyance, Bodwé provides waterways analyses, flood studies, dam improvement and removal, and stormwater management design. And with every project, our team takes responsibility for protecting communities and natural ecosystems.


The Pokagon Health & Wellness Center was an early project that set the stage for more than a decade of healthcare work with tribes, Indian Health Service, Veterans Health Administration, and private healthcare clients. We’ve designed many shapes and forms of physical, emotional, and behavioral health and wellness facilities. We are passionate about healthcare work.


Our team includes key personnel who have spent much of their careers working on public, private, and Native school projects. Today, the Bodwé companies collaborate on many school projects, including building assessments, campus planning and site development, classroom and assembly buildings, athletic fields and facilities, and student dorms and staff housing.


Our experience includes many tribal housing projects, including supportive housing for elders and those with behavioral health challenges. We bring creative solutions to design and build affordable, durable, and nurturing homes that integrate culture and respect the environment. We are also designing a growing portfolio of multi-story, mixed-use residential projects.

Site Development

Master planning and site development work has been a mainstay of services since our early years helping to design the Pokagon government campus. We are now working with many tribal clients, federal agencies, and cities and communities to design neighborhood sites, retail town plazas, health and wellness master plans, and natural experiences.


When you grow from a local firm to a national client footprint, everyone wants to keep doing work in the community, at least some of the time. Most people care deeply for where they live and the truth is, there needs to be more caring and more intention. That is the kind of work we do where we live, projects that support and uplift people, culture, and community.

Lighting a fire for current and future generations

Our mission is to benefit future generations of Pokagon citizens and with that long view in mind we choose the often-hard work of doing what’s meaningful and good. We choose it again and again to benefit wellness and missions and opportunities for people.


Join our values-driven family

Wé give back

We foster generosity and reciprocity with the communities we work in, Indigenous communities across the country, and with each other.

Wé grow together

We support an environment where we all succeed when there is intentional focus on learning and one generation mentors the next.

Wé value balance

We commit to a culture that benefits our staff through flexible scheduling, hybrid opportunities, parental leave, and unlimited PTO.

Contact us

If you are interested in beginning a new project, you are a potential teaming partner, or you just want to chat about great architecture and engineering, please drop us a note.


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